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This piece is based off of a Native American creation myth that I have always loved and found beautiful. As a way of paying tribute to the culture that inspired it, 10% of the profit from every print will be donated to Indigenous Women Rising, an organization dedicated to helping indigenous women access safe reproductive health care and education.


12" x 12"x 1.5" canvas giclee print

- acid free archival ink that will last about 200 years (longer than either of us)

- ready to hang

- only 25 made

- each piece comes signed and numbered by me

- Prints will be given in the order they are ordered (Ex: first person to order gets 1/20)


A lot of people asked for prints of this piece, but I just wasn't happy with the quality of the paper prints. Oversized prints are a lot more difficult to pack/ship and keep on hand so this seemed like a perfect compromise. This piece looks identical to the original and is only $250 instead of $1400. It felt like a solid option to me.



How the World Was Made

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