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Choose whatever animal(s) you want and I will work with you to create a mini-terrarium of your liking. You'll be part of the process from design to finished product.


After purchase, I will set up a consult with you via zoom or we can discuss via email corresepondence. 


You will be able to choose what animals are included, additional objects, and terrarium shape.


Orders can take up to 3 months to complete from date of purchase. You patience is appreciated.


THIS IS A DEPOSIT. I will ask for the remainder after initial design work is approved and before painting begins. Additional payments can be completed via Paypal or Venmo. Deposits are non-refundable if you are no longer interested after design and painting work has started.


Additional payments vary by size:

12" x 12" - $1150

16" x 20" - $2800

18" x 24" - $3250



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