IMPORTANT NOTE - The $250 list price is a deposit and only covers the simplest option. Below are the additional pricing for more complex options, which will be paid after I recieve your images and discuss complexity with you. Payment in full is required before I  begin due to the specialized nature of the product. (I can't resell a pic of your cat to random people 😂)


6"x 6" with simple background - $250 ($0 extra)

6"x6" with flower background - $350 ($100 extra)

8"x10" with simple background - $450 ($200 extra)

8"x10" with flower background - $650 ($400 extra)


I absolutely LOVE painting your pets, but in order to manage my own stress, custom orders will have limited options and I will only do one a month. As a test for this shop update, I will assign completion months in the order that orders are placed for August, September, and October and will only be accepting payment for 3 comissions total.


After your order is placed, I will send you an email to get details about your pet, get images, and discuss size as well as flower and metallic leaf embellishment options. PLEASE have good photos ready that aren't blurry, grainy, or dark. If you want a good painting, I  need good photos!


I look forward to painting your fur babies!

Custom Pet Portrait DEPOSIT