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Andrea Guzzetta is a Los Angeles-based artist originally from the Midwest.


Diagnosed with ADHD late in life, she has worked as a muralist, art teacher to young children, and stained glass painter for many years. She used to be part of a podcast about cults (Cult Podcast) and did stand-up comedy for 5 years performing all over the USA and even Paris, France. She now works independently as a fine artist and has a podcast about art history (Podvant Garde) available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Described as 'Lisa Frank without her Xanax', Andrea's distinct style blends the traditional techniques of classical painting with a pastel aesthetic. She uses her bold cheery palette to explore themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and the hidden magic of small moments.

(This is an old photo. Please enjoy the younger, hotter version of me and continue to propagate this for press).

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